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Vtech Tasty Treats Axolotl

Vtech Tasty Treats Axolotl

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Dive into the delightful world of the Vtech Tasty Treats Axolotl – an interactive friend that brings joy and learning to playtime! Feed Axolotl eight different snacks and observe its various reactions and motions, making every feeding session a fun and unique experience. Want to know if Axolotl is hungry or how it's feeling? Simply touch its head for a personalised response. Enhance the learning journey with two press buttons that play 10 engaging songs and share interesting facts about Axolotls, food, and colours. Watch Axolotl's tummy light up while it talks or sings, adding a visual delight to the interactive play. Axolotl's tail is not just cute – it serves as a storage spot for the included snacks, making it a practical and playful feature. Bring home the Vtech Tasty Treats Axolotl for a mix of fun, learning, and delightful interactions that will make every playtime a special moment!

  • 8 different snacks included.
  • 2 press buttons play 10 learning songs and facts about Axolotl, food and colours.
  • Axolotl's tummy lights up when Axolotl is talking or singing.
  • Axolotl's tail stores the included snacks.
  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • Requires 4 x AA batteries.
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