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Vtech Twinkle Lights Owl

Vtech Twinkle Lights Owl

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Meet baby’s soft and cuddly owl friend! Owl’s starry light up tummy provides a soothing and calming environment for baby. Songs, melodies, nature sounds and gentle white noise soothe and relax little ones. Owl’s heart button triggers calming sounds, songs and melodies and responds when baby cries. There is a 15 and 45-minute timer, volume and brightness control to meet your little ones needs. Owl’s soft and textured fabrics provide tactile stimulation, as well as comfort. Includes 3 calming songs and 33 soothing melodies to help your little one feel calm and relaxed.

  • VTech Baby Twinkle Lights Owl
  • Meet baby’s soft and cuddly owl friend!
  • Melodies, Nature Sounds & White Noise
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